Experience to historic tool by desktop icon. 15+4 extra handmade detailed icons pushed over 200,000 dots.

Ryumon Stamp - Shinshihei Bill - Magic Lantern - Fujioka Incandescent Lamp - Ryounkaku/12 Stories House - Murai Bros. Sunrise Cigarettes - Charcoal Iron - Picture Postcard - Paper Menko - Konishi Honten Cherry Hand Camera - I am a Cat - Shueisha 1st Mincho Type - Nipponophone Eufon Hornless Talking Machine - Kinryukan Theater Program - Seikosha World - Delbil Magnet Phone - Shibaura Fan Morter - Hayakawa Crystal Radio

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Marv | 2007/11/29 5:11:55

Yes, very very nice. Good job.
Thanks for sharing.

Tilo Schulz | 2007/8/21 2:47:36

Beautifull Icons! Thanks! Tilo

Vasant | 2007/7/12 22:46:25

VERY impressed

Mikio | 2007/6/12 23:52:06

I had not often thought about the flag icon for the English. So I thank everyone for the point.

Well, thanks Steve. And please download the EDO set here.
I don't have the download page 'cause I am creating the new site now. But you can download the file there :^)

Steve | 2007/6/10 11:37:15

The Union Jack is better as it is English, some web-sites split the flag with the USA flag, to each their own. One wonders if the spelling on this website is USA or UK based......where to draw the line? I suspect a flag is the ultimate icon. Where can I find the icon series of Volume 1?

Wonderful work these icons and this entire web-site. I love the colours as well.

Cheers, S.

Mikio | 2007/5/29 22:31:45

Thanks, Davide :^)

Davide | 2007/5/29 9:51:44

so cute! thank you for your job...

Mikio | 2007/5/10 22:01:16

Hi Ratty, I'm happy you like the set. Thanks for your comment :^)

Ratty | 2007/5/10 21:09:02

It's brilliant; I've never seen such a lovely sets! Thank You so much!

Mikio | 2007/4/10 15:43:07

You're welcome, sebas! And thanks for your comment :^)

sebas | 2007/4/07 20:56:13

This set makes our daily experience better. Thanks.

AAA Copywriter | 2007/1/27 12:47:24

I'll Just repeat myself... Beter and better everytime I drop by! ;)

Mikio | 2007/1/21 18:58:10

Hi Joe,
That's right. Yes, I knew it :)
Maybe I should think about fix to "Taishō" for better.
Domo arigato, your thoughts :)

Joe | 2007/1/21 12:00:45

Thanks for these.
By the way, the correct transkription from the Japanese language would be "taishou" or "taishô" and NOT "taisho". But you knew that, didn't you ;-).

Anto | 2007/1/15 8:06:00

Brilliant icon salute

Jim | 2007/1/03 0:48:30

Hey Mikio,
UK Flag looks great. Nice work.
Association with America is a bit of a sensitive subject these days huh..

Dante | 2007/1/02 2:26:59

Thank you. I like this refinement style tinget with orientalism.

sq1022 | 2006/12/31 19:27:24

good job man!

w | 2006/12/26 16:39:22

::sehr schöne seite,und tolle icons:: vielen dank:=german
::beautyful page,and top icons::thank you::

Mikio | 2006/12/20 15:47:36

From webmaster,
Thank you for your opinion :^)
How do you think about UK Flag, Is this fine?
Domo Arigato, Waseem, Jim, toph :^)

Waseem | 2006/12/20 14:50:16

very nice work!!
Yes, the american flag is some confusing.

Philippe | 2006/12/20 13:03:06

merci beaucoup, c' est magnifique.

TARObot | 2006/12/20 10:42:56

I am so amazed at the new site and all of the new icons and desktops. What beauty! It was worth the wait. Thank you.

Jim | 2006/12/20 7:52:33

I second the vote for american flag removal.

toph | 2006/12/20 3:58:52

Please do NOT use American flag for ENGLISH language.

Fantastic job on the icons.

Marten | 2006/12/20 2:03:23

very nice icons

ToNToN CoPT | 2006/12/19 2:57:41

Fantastic ! Beautifull icons !

Ghosthack | 2006/12/19 2:39:59

Amazing stuff. Can't wait to see it finished off.

Emanuele | 2006/12/19 0:13:50

Bellissime, veramente stupende. Grazie!

Hudson | 2006/12/18 13:21:36


Anubis | 2006/12/18 13:15:23

Ive been waiting for this.. nice job! thanks :)

Makkisan | 2006/12/18 6:21:18

Very nice thanks much.

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